Skip the cable to get the Samsung 25W charger for cheap.

These days, thanks to a specific company, we have no chargers inside the boxes of our new devices. However, you do get a Type-C to Type-C cable inside the boxes of your flashy Samsung flagships. Typically, the Samsung flagships are done well with the 25W charger, and most of them do support it. But with the recent Galaxy S22 Ultra, we saw the very first 45W charger. But even a 25W charger does good enough. Forgot to add one thing, Samsung will also remove the charger from the affordable devices as well, with the M-Series, F-Series, and A-Series in line.

Now the thing is you might go with either of the chargers, but the package does ship with the cable inside. So it will be better off cheap out with the 25W. Well, Samsung is also offering the charger without the cable for cheap. However, if you want to move to the 45W with your Ultra, you will have to buy the cable as well, since the cable will be able to coup up with the power delivery.

If you buy the 25W charger with the cable, it will cost you $34.99, while skipping the cable will reduce the cost to $17.99.

Source: Sammobile

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