Apple just gave me another reason not to move towards their services and devices.

I love music, well most of us do. And for us audiophiles, we need the best quality possible for the amount we pay right? And there are several music streaming services available on all platforms. We have Spotify, Amazon Music, YT Music, Apple Music, etc. And in India, we don’t have other good services like Tidal, Deezer, and others. But here let’s talk about Apple. I use Spotify, Amazon Music, and YT Music, and that too the premium services.

A bit of history with Apple Services.

I don’t own an Apple – not a kid of a rich father, and iPhones for me aren’t worth the money, to be honest. Back in 2019, when Spotify launched in India with a very limited catalog, thanks to the dispute with WB, I had to try other services, namely Google Play Music (now YT Music) for a nominal price of ₹99 a month, which was approx $1 a month, back in the day. At that time, I heard of Apple Music services, giving more songs for as low as ₹69, yes,₹30 lesser than Spotify, which had a very limited catalog. So I created an Apple ID with my primary ID. Back then, HiFi or HD quality, whatever you like to say wasn’t available in the mainstream services. So I decided to make the ID. Easy process, just like any other service, right?

Now after testing the free trial plan, I had decided to switch to Google Play Music (before August) since Spotify started bringing the new catalog back in August the same year and decided to get the account from Apple deleted. Which did go smoothly.

Everything was fine, up till I saw a good opportunity to apply for a job at Apple, and then the announcement of HiFi audio on Apple Music.

The disaster struck – Cannot create a new account!

After those things, I decided to recreate a new account. Thing is, and in general, when you delete an account from any service such as Microsoft, Spotify, Google, they instantly delete your data, and after some time you can use the same information to recreate a new fresh account, right? Even Samsung Account lets you do the same.

I tried recreating the Apple ID. And then it hit straight on my face. Yeah, I am exaggerating. For reference, you can see the screenshot.

It says “This email address isn’t available, choose a different address”. This states that the ID might be in use and they might have forgotten to delete it. I tried to log in with the old saved creds. And this is what was dumb.

What did you see? It says “You do not have an Apple ID”, when there is no Apple ID, you should be able to create a new ID right? Wrong! As per Apple, it is for security. 😂

And this I got to know while chatting with the support.

A chat with the Apple Support.

I initiated a support case for the same. At first, they were unable to get to the issue and asked me to share my number so that they can give me a callback which I did. And I did tell them that the number is from India, so call as per it, which they confirmed they will do as needful. Then in the evening the same day, I got a mail from them saying that they tried calling but it was directed to the voice mail service. Do note, in India, we don’t use Voice Mails at all.

That time, I didn’t read the complete email, given that they might call me some other day, given some issue with the network. They didn’t. And then for some unknown reason, I sat down to read the email. What I found was that they added US Country Code to my number when I specified to them that it’s an Indian number and I live in India.

I connected to the customer care chat again. And found that Apple is the biggest useless brand ever seen 😂.

During the first few minutes, the CC was able to pinpoint the issue, kudos to him. What I learned did puzzle me. He said, and I quote ” When Apple ID is permanently deleted and you try to create a new account, the system takes it as a request for reactivation”.

Since when did the definition of “new” change to “reactivation”? Am I using any old dictionary? Or did Apple invent its own English language with its own dictionary?

Reactivation is done when you have deactivated the account. But in my case, I got it deleted. And when asked how it is possible since they are two different things. This is the response I got:

Just tell me how come you reactivate an account when you have deleted all the data related to that particular account, even the personal data?

Also, it is worth noting how they removed the message where I mentioned how Google, Microsoft, and others let you create a new account with the same details in comparison. Oh, you need proof for this particular claim? There you go!

If I hadn’t mentioned the “third party” how come they reply with such a message?

The point is – which security are you talking of? When you delete something from the database completely, even from the backup, and don’t roll back, just in case, how come your system detects that the ID isn’t available, and cannot be used to create a new account?

A small useless response from them which doesn’t make any sense.

And in the end, before I ended the chat, this is what I got as a reply.

Oh boy, A trillion-dollar company has a very different meaning for terms like Deletion, New, Reactivation, and Recreation.

As per their terms, you cannot create a new Apple ID with the same email ID, do whatever you want. Well done. And here I was thinking to switch to Apple once I get a job and start earning.

So in short, Android, Google, Samsung, and other Android OEMs you rock. Thanks for being so open, and using 2FA for authentication instead of banning someone just because they deleted their account from your platform/service.

I am on twitter, so feel free to follow @iri_descentderp

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