Pixel: Now streaming Android apps!

For a while now Google has been working on better-integrating apps and notifications from the Pixel devices to the user’s Chromebooks or PCs, now after much wait, we have a feature that might just make streaming Android apps possible.

On the list of the features, Google brought to make the interaction between Android devices and laptop/desktop better include – Phone Hub, Eche, Messages for Web, and many more.

streaming Android apps

Lat week with the release of the first Android 13 Developer Preview build for Pixel phones, Google had also introduced two “Cross-Device” service apps. Each one appears to be dedicated to connecting your Pixel to other devices, it is expected that this app will increase connection among devices better than before. It seems like this feature is a Chrome OS exclusive feature, but was also seen running on Windows 11 devices.

Stream to your PC or Mac

The feature opens with a beautiful multicolor background, opens apps on the user’s device, and live streams them through the browser. The user can also interact with the apps open on the browser as normal can perform functions like clicking, tapping, and typing as if they were opening the browser itself.

The connection Pixel generates a virtual display which is then displayed on the laptop/desktop. This secondary virtual display is where all the streamed apps appear without disrupting the main screen of the handset.

The cross-device streaming experience contains few controls to make things easier for the user. There are buttons to provide feedback, pause the app/video feed, go back to a page, and resize the display in the top-right corner.

There’s a menu button in the bottom left corner that, when clicked, displays the full list of apps loaded on your phone. You may start any app on your phone from this menu, not only messaging apps. 

Meanwhile, a stream of your phone’s current alerts appears on the right side of the screen-mirroring app. Clicking any of them opens cross-device streaming for the corresponding app, allowing you to type out a full reply, as shown in the video above.

It is expected that this web app will be the only way to experience Pixel’s cross-device streaming on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices, with things being a little different on Chrome OS.

Deeper integration on Chrome OS

This cross-device streaming will be accessible through a built-in app that is tightly integrated with Phone Hub. The user is taken straight to a phone-shaped window with a live stream of the app running in the virtual display when clicking on the notice from Phone Hub. Phone Hub has also been enhanced to offer a list of “Recent Apps” that start when clicked.

For the time being, Chrome OS’ version of the Pixel’s cross-device app streaming appears to be less feature-rich than the web-based version. We haven’t yet discovered a way to start a specific app from the phone, nor have we discovered any choices for changing the display size.

streaming Android apps

From all the reports it looks like the Pixel series’ cross-device streaming may be finally close to launching soon. but for now, it seems like these two system apps/services are currently only available on Android 13. But if Google thinks about adding this feature in the near future, they might just end up introducing it the next Feature Drop.

Since the future is still in its developing stage we expect google to introduce more things to it later in the coming days.


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