Netflix bumping its prices in the USA.

Netflix is the most preferred streaming site for entertainment nowadays. With the pandemic going on, it has become the dominant one in comparison to others such as Prime Video and many others. Starting today, Netflix is bumping up the price of its services in the USA.

For the basic plan, you have to shell out $9.99, whereas the HD plan will cost you $15.49. The ultimate, 4K+HDR will cost you a price of $19.99. The price has hiked quite a bit. For instance, previously the standard pack had a price tag of $8.99, which is a $1 increment. On the HD Plan, Netflix has increased the price by $2.50 and the 4K plan has a price hike of $2.

Even the current subscribers will face the price hike, but Netflix has promised to mail them beforehand, that is at least 30 days prior.

Source: GSMArena

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