At a Glance, Pixel 6

Here are four ways how you can take a screenshot in a Pixel 6.


Pixel is one of the best smartphones the Android community has ever seen. Although some features might vary from OEM to OEM, Google, being the developer of the OS has an upper hand on adding what features they want in the OS. Sometimes, it might be unnecessary, but it’s better to know all the options.

Using Quick Tap.

We have already covered this feature. What it does is, let you use the back gesture sensor on your Pixel 6 or fingerprint scanners at the back of your old Pixels, to do stuff. For example, you can activate it and use it to capture a screenshot.

Power+Volume Down Combination.

This combination is pretty standard across all Android smartphones. You just have to press and hold the Power and Volume Down key for taking a screenshot.

Swipe Up for Screenshot

This is a pretty new feature on Android 12. You just have to swipe up on the app you are currently using. Then select Screenshot. It will capture the screenshot and save it in your gallery.

Good ol’ Assistant.

If you are lazy like me, just ask your Assistant to take the screenshot. Nope, literally! Just say “Ok Google Take a screenshot”, Assistant will capture the screenshot. Even “Hey Google” will work as well.

You can watch the video here.

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