7 Reasons to Conclude Why Macs Are Better Than PCs


Mac vs. PC, which is better? It is a constant battle to decide which of the two is better than the other. And true, it is difficult to draw a conclusion as to which is better. The reason being both are built-in with a plethora of features, thereby enabling users to carry out different activities or tasks depending on their needs.


Both Mac and Windows PCs are used by professionals, students, and others to execute their respective tasks or even play games. Both have a fair share of users worldwide, and therefore it cannot be said that one is dominant over the other.


Still, we have researched hard to find out which is the best, and we got some practical reasons why Mac is preferred to Windows PC.


So, why are Macs Better than Windows PCs?


Better User Experience


One of the main reasons why Macs should be preferred to a Windows PC is the user experience that somehow depends on the operating system. Though both Windows and Mac are good enough to use, it is particularly Windows 8 that was not considered user-friendly as compared to other versions of the Windows OS.


Though Windows 10 provides a much better user experience with its user interface and other powerful features, people, especially the high-end professionals, prefer to use the Mac OS for all their requirements as they find it power-packed and seamless to use.


Strong Integration Capability with iOS Devices

mac 2

Mac computers, an Apple product, can integrate with other Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone that run the iOS operating system. This means that the entire data, be it photos, documents, email, etc., present on iOS running devices can be synchronized to your Mac computer. With this, all your data on iPhone and iPad will appear on your Mac system.


The strong integration capability allows users to save data from one device to another without using cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage. Also, all the Apple devices will continue working without any glitches. On the other hand, Windows PCs do not have any such kind of integration capability.


Easy to Choose From


It is not always the case that having a lot of options to choose from is good. Many times, this causes confusion and increases complexity. Ultimately, users tend to choose the wrong product not suitable for their use.


This is what happens with Windows OS, as it provides a lot of options. On the other hand, as Mac has fewer options to offer, it becomes quite easy for users to choose the best Mac system for their use. You can choose the Mac that has specifications matching your needs.


Built-in Software


Mac comes with many useful built-in software applications such as Photos, iMovie, Keynote, iTunes, Facetime, Garageband, and more, as well as uninstaller apps. On the other hand, though there are a number of useful software available for Windows computers, they need to be downloaded. As these software applications are not available with Windows, it becomes a hassle at times.


Also, some software may be free of cost while others may be chargeable. Next, the software does not get downloaded on the system straight out of the box.


Provides Better Protection Against Virus


Just as there are several viruses attacking human beings, there are computer viruses that tend to attack computers. However, when it comes to Mac, it provides better protection as compared to Windows PC, though not immune to viruses, malware, and other online threats.


On the other hand, Windows PCs are more vulnerable to malware, viruses, online threats, and hacking. When compared, Mac is a safe and secure platform to use.


Better Quality & Power to Do More


Though expensive, Macs have better quality in terms of screen, anti-reflective coating, minimum air gap, etc. They are built with meticulous features that give users the power to do more.


However, for simple tasks such as browsing the web and checking emails, the Windows operating system is equally good.


Optimized Mac Components


The hardware components in a Mac are optimized, keeping in mind the operating system. The optimized components, in turn, consume less power and enhance battery life.


Although many hardware components are the same in Mac and Windows PC, the design of the Mac is such that it takes the most of these components. Thus, Mac updates improve the working of these components.




In the Mac vs. PC debate, we jotted the 7 top reasons as to why Mac is better than PC. However, this may not suit everyone, depending on opinion. So, it is not forced to prefer Mac over Windows. Depending on your own requirements and experience, feel free to choose the one that suits you.