5 Great Places To Donate Your Old Phone


If your old phone is in perfect shape, you can sell it and add to the money you have for an upgrade. Donating is another option. You will be helping a worthy course or preventing environmental pollution through old electronics.

Donating old phones is a chance to help other people who need its service. Most of the phones are still in a usable state. Buying research paper is a great opportunity to guarantee an easy college experience and also allow you to focus on other more interesting personal tasks.

The state of the old phone may push you not to sell it. It may be broken in such a way that another user cannot automatically begin using it. In other cases, it might not attract a substantial amount that is worth the effort it will take to sell the phone.

Donating is a good gesture. However, it also comes with the risks of exposure. Some organizations or individuals may come across personal data and use it against their will. Company and individual data may also fall into the hands of hackers, exposing you to cybercrimes. What should you do before donating or disposing of your phone?

  • Clear all your data– you know the value of the data on your phone better than anyone else. Do not donate or dispose of an old phone until you have cleared the data. It includes images, text messages, contacts, and files that may have been downloaded through the gadget. Use specialized software or auto-format on the phone to clear all this data. You should also sign out of all accounts running on the phone. It ensures that third parties do not access your data or engage contacts on your phone under your name.
  • Evaluate the receiving organization- organizations and individuals receiving old phones must demonstrate integrity while handling these gadgets. They must assure you that they will not mine data from the phones. The phones must also be handled with care until disposal or resale. If the organization has not had clear procedures for handling the phones, you would better avoid working with them.
  • Follow up on the destination- where do the phones go upon donation? Are they recycled in part or whole? Are they sold locally or abroad? Such information helps you to know the destination of any information or files that may be recovered from your phone. It gives you a degree of certainty on what to expect upon donating the phone.
  • Accept responsibility- any information or file left on the phone remains your responsibility. Some people have sophisticated technology to recover these files. The responsibility for these files is still in your hands.

Some people donate old phones to siblings and others in their lineage. You may also pass it to a friend or colleague. Here are great places to donate the old phone with certainty about its fate.

  1. 911 cell phone bank

The platform is run by law enforcement agencies. The old phones that are still functional are given to organizations that help with emergencies. The phones also go to support groups that need to stay in touch with victims and helpers. It is a worthy course to dispose of the phone and help change the world.

  1. Cell4Pets

The organization recognizes that cell phones must get old and dysfunctional. It, therefore, collects them as a way to clear them from the environment. It sells the phones, using the proceeds to donate to organizations working to save pets. It is a noble course where you dispose of the phone and care for the welfare of pets in one stroke.

  1. Cell Phones of Soldiers

Soldiers and veterans would do with all the help possible. By donating the old and functional cellphones, their lives will be easier. They also feel appreciated for the work they have done for the nation. Veterans, especially, want to keep in touch with family and friends.

  1. eBay for Charity

Sell the phone on eBay and choose the organization to receive the proceeds. It works for phones that are still functional.

  1. Medic Mobile

The organization sells the phones to fund medical organizations across the world. It is in 26 poor countries.

Selling your old mobile phone or donating it to charity helps you to create an impact in society. Get good topics to write about technology and other academic research areas. Before you donate your mobile phone, ensure that you have secured the data and files it contains.