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Android 13: Newest Additions and features!

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Google is reported already reported working in the latest OS update Android 13. Reports and leaks now reveal that this latest OS update will have some new features and additions.

Although, the latest smartphones are gradually released with Android 12 along with the foldable handset sporting the Android 12L Beta long before its launch planned in early 2022. Seems like the work for a new update is in order for Google.

A post on Twitter via Mishaal Rahman provides evidence that the Android 13 is suspected to have full Bluetooth LE Audio support. The A2DP source codec is expected to provide this higher-quality audio even on smaller and low-powered devices.

Furthermore, posts by XDA-Developers also give evidence of the newest addition and features to be added to the latest OS update. There will be changes in the runtime permission for notification wherein the users of the 13 version can disable notification of apps according to their preference. This can be a very useful addition to the Android handset and eliminate many unnecessary notifications received daily by the users.

android 13

Moreover they also talk about a new feature “TARE” – The Android Resource Economy. This latest addition is expected to help apps better utilize the battery and its consumption. The latest OS update might also bring about new ways to change the lock screen layout. There have been reports from both the Android Police and XDA-Developers stating that the latest version might support switching of languages inside each Android app.

However, it should be taken into consideration that all these leaks and reports are just speculations and nothing has been confirmed yet by Google. It is expected that Google will be officially revealing the latest OS update Andriod 13 in 2002. In the meantime more updates and news on this will be updated in the coming days.


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