Google Play Games to enter Windows

For the coming year, Google is working to bring the Google Play Games to Windows. The company made this announcement with the Game Awards today.

About Google Play Games

At its most basic level, Google Play Games is an SDK for developers paired with an app for customers. While the SDK allows things like could save, profiles, achievements, and social aspects like leaderboards. The Google Play Games app is a consumer’s window into some of those details. It also has additional features such as built-in minigames, a recording tool, a list of users’ Google Play Games-compatible titles for easy installation, and even a catalog of compatible Android titles you can install right from the app.

Google Play Games

The developer impact was also highlighted in the initial announcement details for today’s news, with players being able to “pick up right where they left off from their pocket to their tablet, Chromebook, and on desktop.”

In a statement provided to Android Police, the company confirmed that game distribution is part of the plans. When pressed for more information, Google stated unequivocally that an app store comparison for its plans is valid, though only for games.

We’ll have more to share on the service and product next year. But what I can say is this is a new experience that will enable players to download and play their favorite Google Play Games on their desktop. Google will distribute the application and games themselves. We’re excited to help everyone who uses Google Play to continue their gameplay across Android enabled phones, tablets, Chromebooks and Windows.

While more details will unravel soon. One thing is for sure that Google’s launching a game app store for Windows in 2022.

via - Androidpolice

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