Notepad gets a huge revamp in the latest update on Windows 11.

Microsoft is working hard to bring the changes to old apps on Windows 11. On Windows 11, many apps are still having old designs, such as the Run dialog, the general message dialogs, and pop-ups. Even Notepad was one of them, whose redesign was due for a very long time. And now Microsoft has updated the design of the Notepad, to Windows 11 design, and does come with Dark mode as well!

Notepad finally gets the visual design of Windows 11, properly-rounded corners, dark mode, etc. If you remember, Notepad was plain white in color, when the whole UI was running on dark mode, which definitely looked odd. But with the new update, the app now has the support for dark mode!

The current app is in preview and is available for Windows Insiders on Dev Channel. If you already have Windows 11 Insider Preview, then Microsoft Store might have already updated the app for you.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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