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Google Photos’ Locked Folder: Now on non-Pixels!

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Back in June, Google introduced the Locked Folder feature on its Google Photos app. Until now, this feature was exclusively available only on Pixel devices. According to reports from Android Police, the feature now rolling out on non-Google Pixel devices.

About Locked Folder on Google Photo

As the name suggests, it is a feature on the Google Photo app which provides a secure on-device folder where users can keep private photos and videos that won’t be uploaded to Google Photos. In this folder, users can only view what’s saved in it but are not allowed to share, screenshot, or screen record any of the content unless it’s removed from the Folder.

  • Locked Folder
  • Locked Folder

The feature is accessed by opening Google Photos and tapping on the “Library” tab, then on “Utilities” and scrolling down to “Locked Folder”.

As of now, this feature for non-Pixel handsets is fairly new. While some users are getting notifications about this, the option is not available right away for many users even if they are on the latest version of the app.

via - GSMArena

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