Winamp to “relaunch” soon, but something is different.

Winamp was a popular music player. I have used the crack version back in 2009 during the Windows 7 era. Winamp was launched back in 1997, and till the early 2000s it was fine, but somehow was getting worse with each update, and by 2013, the last update was released which was the final version. But by then the company had started reviving the project, but all efforts were in vain. However, a new beta version was leaked on the internet, after which Winamp decided to make the build live for the public.

Back in 2014, Winamp was acquired by Radionomy, they promised to keep the music player alive, but no new updates came, and since then the old version wasn’t updated at all. As of now, the existing version is v5.8, which was leaked back in 2018, and still retains the old design.

Song – Dust and Gold by Arrows to Athens

With a new message from Winamp’s website, they are going to make some “innovative changes to the most popular audio player”. Although. not much about the project is known, but it seems there is a bit of information available on their website.

The parent company, AudioValley confirms that the new Winamp will “become the one-stop platform for audio enthusiasts, which connects creators and consumers of music, podcasts, radio stations, audiobooks, and any other peripheral content.”

With the above text, we can say that the software will relaunch as a streaming platform, just like Spotify. But since they are this late, can they survive the competition?

Source: XDA

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