Google Messages: Soon to feature sending MMS video using Google Photos

With Rich Communication Services (RCS) as the main consumer messaging strategy of Google. The company is now working towards updating the messaging app, Google Messages. If everything goes as planned, we will soon get to see an option to send video over MMS using Google Photos.

The Google Messages 10.4 beta suggests that work on this capability is just getting started. In Settings, Google has enabled a new option called “Google Photos”:

Share sharper clarity video in text (SMS/MMS) 

According to the brief description, users will be able to share a video using Google Photos instead of MMS when in a text/SMS discussion. The video will probably be posted directly to Google Photos, with the other user receiving a URL, rather than being sent through the SMS/MMS network.

With RCS implementation expected to continue to increase, this feature, if it is launched, could be an interesting stopgap measure. When users send pictures and videos as “chats,” they are uploaded to the cloud, and the receiver gets a link that automatically loads/plays in Messages behind the scenes.

In RCS, the problem of quality has already been solved. MMS video quality, on the other hand, is quite poor, so any improvement would be a significant upgrade for users.

via - 9to5Google

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