Nearby Calling: A New Pixel feature!

Recent news suggests that Google has been working on yet another feature to add to its collection. This latest feature is named “Nearby Calling”. The news of this new feature was found in a Twitter post by Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman).

Google is working on “nearby calling” between Pixel phones and the Nest Hub. With this feature, you can receive incoming calls on your Nest Hub, transfer calls between your phone and Hub, and start calls with your voice.

 — Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) October 27, 2021
Nearby Calling

Furthermore, the post suggests that this feature will enable the connection between the Pixel devices and the Nest Hub. This feature should allow the user to receive incoming calls on their Nest Hub, transfer calls easily between their phone and Hub, and also start calls via their voice. This feature will come especially handy to all those users who want to go hands-free and have their conversation via the speaker without having any privacy issues.

Nearby Calling

There has yet to be any official news as to when this feature will be up and running and be accessible to the public. For now, all we can tell is the Nearby Calling feature, will be a great addition. Further information will be in the coming days.

via: Twitter /  pocketnow

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