Pixel Stand: Now with new updates!

Since the new of the launch of the Pixel Stand along with the Pixel 6 series, we have gotten many leaks and rumors on their specification. Today we get news on the latest update of the Stand via the GoogleNews Telegram group, which revealed the setup process of the stand.

Moreover, The 2nd Gen Pixel Stand will have three charging modes: Optimized, Max, or Quiet; applicable for both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Optimized mode – The charging speed is regulated “based on the usage” which probability is a balance between the rapid and slow charging. It is the recommended method By Google for all Pixel 6 Series users.

Max mode – The charging speed will be as fast as possible up to 23W. But it should be noted that the fan will spin at a higher speed than usual and might have an audible noise; to prevent the phone from getting too hot.

Quite a mode – The charging speed will be slow and minimized fan noise. This mode is best suited for charging the Pixel 6 series overnight and is good for the handset’s battery lifespan.

Pixel Stand

The previous leaks showed the Performance and Quite a mode will be displayed in the updated charging interfaces of the Pixel 6 when on the stand to enable switching between modes.

Furthermore, the latest update also revealed a Material You redesign with the Android12 dynamic color theme support. The UI is reported to remain mostly the same with an update in font, text size, pill-shaped buttons with a new splash of color to make it more interesting.

Pixel Stand
Pixel Stand

The previous stand was too overpriced for being a wireless charger. But all the rumors suggest that the latest 2nd Gen Stand will be more reasonably priced. All the updates and changes on the latest stand will make this one a worthy accessory to the Pixel 6 Series. Both the Pixel 6 Series and the 2nd Gen Pixel Stand will be launching together on October 19th. Further information on the stand will be given in the coming days.

via: androidpolice.com

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