The New Google Pixel Stand to get 23W Charging Support at $79

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re aware that the Pixel 6 lineup will also receive a new Pixel Stand this year. The Pixel 6 series, as well as the rumored next edition of Google’s wireless charging stand, will be unveiled in just over a week. The new Pixel Stand was originally shown in a few Pixel 6 renders that leaked lately, but its exact specifications have now surfaced online.

M. Brandon Lee, who uploaded two screenshots of the Pixel Stand alongside a comparison to the first model released in 2018, is the source of this fresh leak. These images back up what we said in August: Google’s upcoming flagship phones will support 23W wireless charging. There are also some openings in the body for releasing heat from the built-in fans, which were first spotted earlier this summer.

The larger size is to be expected, as it now has a cooling fan to allow for faster charging. Two charging coils are included, one for the phone and the other for a compatible wearable. Select Pixel models can charge at up to 23 watts, 15 watts for Qi-certified wearables, and 3 watts for the Pixel Buds.

Google’s latest stand features dual coils and a separate charging station for wearables. It’s not surprising, given the company’s increasing focus on smartwatches, but it’s an odd addition, given that a putative “Pixel Watch” remains just that – speculative. With additional support for Google Meet calls, the “Docked Pixel” experience is also sticking around.

The next Pixel Stand could have an active cooling fan instead of the passive one found in the previous iteration. Faster charging speeds are an apparent benefit.
The pricing of Google’s new Pixel Stand will remain at $79. That’s still a lot of money, but it’s a lot faster than the prior version. Next week, during the Pixel 6 launch event, we’ll get our first official look at this new charger.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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