New renders of Galaxy S22 Ultra

A few days ago we saw the first-ever renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. And now we have more renders of the same depicting a very different picture of the camera housing on it.

Galaxy S22 Ultra render showing the rear camera module split into two halves
Galaxy S22 Ultra render (New)

This newly updated render of the S22 Ultra comes from OnLeaks. After IceUniverse comment about the S22 Ultra having a slightly different camera module than the one shown in OnLeaks’ earlier renders, this new render was released.

Following @UniverseIce comments on my #GalaxyS22Ultra, I asked my sources to investigate.
Seems a prototype w/ uniform body frame indeed exist but I got no confirmation on the camera housing design.
Nonetheless, here two updated renders depicting these prospective differences.

— Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) September 26, 2021

While the first-ever render had the camera housing in a P-shape. In the latest renders, the camera housing is split into two individual strips

Galaxy S22 Ultra leaked render with P-shaped camera module
Galaxy S22 Ultra Render (Old)

It’s still too early to say whether this is the final look of the S22 Ultra. But with leaks and renders coming up every other day, we will soon know more.

via - Xda-developers

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