A new way to share your Pixel Photos!

In a new post by Google on its official Twitter handle, Made By Google, the company introduced a new feature for its Pixel devices. This feature allows Pixel users to share their photos with the company.

Pixel users can now easily share their photos to be featured on the official Pixel channel. For this, the users are required to fill out a form EnTribe Widget, made specifically for this purpose.

Share your Pixel photo

It is a pretty straightforward form, where you are required to fill in your basic information and upload the image you want to share. You will also be required to specify the Pixel model you use and the specific camera feature used for the captured photo. You can also upload multiple images together.

Looks like the company is taking great initiatives to connect with its Pixel users. With this feature, the company will showcase the actual memories and experiences of the users.

via - Made By Google (@madebygoogle)

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