EU going to mandate USB Type-C, sending a message to Apple to shove their lightning cable in.

EU is going to hit the biggest threat to the environment with the new mandatory thing – USB Type-C port. On the other hand, only this year, but partially, Apple has given Type-C to the iPads, but the iPhones still remain to use those hazardous cables – Lightning Cables. Last year, when Apple said that they are going completely with “environment-friendly” stuff. This started a stupid trend of removing chargers from the mobile phone package. In a way, it did help – Type-C users to be environment friendly, and Apple earning tons of cash in the process.

BUT The EU commission has other plans.

In a tweet, the EU confirms that they are going to mandate using Type-C as the default port for all kinds of devices – generally smartphones. Other than Apple, all of the OEMs have to Type-C long back. Only Apple being the stubborn kid, can’t let go of the lightning port. And there is a reason why.

As you know Lightning Port is the proprietory port developed by Apple. And if any manufacturer tries to make any iPhone-based device, have to pay the royalty for making devices having a Lightning Port connector.

Practically – Money is the sole reason for Apple not to move to Type-C.

IF EU passes the bill then what?

And with Type-C, it’s a universal connector. And no one owns it. With Type-C, Apple will take an L. Moreover, moving to Type-C completely WILL actually help the environment, since the majority of the chargers and cables are Type-C based.

And if the bill is passed, Apple has just 24 months to switch its standards. But Apple being Apple. It will find some way or the other to keep the cash flow coming in. And in the process, it will start a stupid trend yet again. It is rumored that Apple might even remove the charging port, thus sticking with the MagSafe charger. Which will use the Lightning port yet again. Since EU spokesperson has confirmed that if the bill passes, the devices which use wired chargers will have to switch to Type-C. Also, it’s just for the European countries, unfortunately. The rest of the world might still get Lightning Port.

And if Apple removes the charging port and switches to wireless charging, then there is nothing “environment-friendly” left, since wireless chargers waste more energy after all.

But if Apple does switch to MagSafe only charging, then they kiss their “environment-friendly brand” motto goodbye.

Source: Android Police

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