Pixel 5a: An honest review.

Still, waiting for the new Pixel 6 but not able to because the budget is not matching up? You might look into the recently released Pixel 5a, exclusively launched in the US and Japan. But things can get a bit tedious given that there is already a Pixel 4a 5G and a Pixel 5 already available. So which one to choose from? Well, @lennybons has the right answer for you.

In the following video, he tells you about what you can expect and what you cannot from the device. This can be a better way instead of wasting those greens and not liking the product after purchase, and you can’t even go back.

PS: Google has not asked the presenter to make a biased review. This is an honest review by a Pixel user, which is completely unbiased.
Source: YT

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