iPadOS 15: Now with increased RAM!

iPadOS 15 has now removed its previous 5GB RAM limit imposed on third-party apps by the OS. The company has now increased this limit.

iPadOS 15

The demanding apps use by designers and other creative professionals and the M1-powered iPad Pros with just 5GB RAM just reduces the productivity of the apps. This was done to ensure that there would be sufficient memory for both the app and the system.

iPadOS 15

Furthermore, the iPadOS 15 have different memory capacity depending on the model. Users can now request up to 12GB of RAM with their apps on iPad Pro, leaving the rest of the 4GB for the OS. Although in the 8GB variants, the RAM limit has been increased to 6GB.

iPadOS 15

Moreover, iPads with less than 5GB of RAM will most probably still have the same limits as before. Whereas the latest iPad mini will have 4 GB and the iPad will have 3 GB.

via: GSMArena

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