Samsung: OLED panels out for mass production!

Samsung’s latest OLED panels were launched in March of this year. Now we are finally going to see them in mass production.

OLED panels

Furthermore, Samsung is going to debut its 14-inch 90Hz, 2880 x 1800px resolution (16:10 aspect ratio) OLED panels on Asus’ latest laptops. It has been reported by the company that its latest OLEDs will be naturally more smother than the traditional 120Hz LCD panels previously used.

OLED panels

Moreover, Samsung assures that the panels will have more features than yet smoother had less blurred images. The OLED panels are expected to have deeper blacks, better colors with 100% DCI-P3 coverage, and more importantly for gaming, better response times and viewing angles.

OLED panels

From the various reports and rumors, we can expect that the Asus ZneBook 14X Pro and the VivoBook Pro 14X will be the first laptops to be equipped with these latest panels.

via: GSMArena

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