Pixel 6 Series: Hyped with Google Original Chips!

Google has come up with another mind-boggling advertising technique to hype its latest Pixel 6 Series. In Japan, the company is selling “Google Original Chips” highlighting its Tensor SoC present in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.


Furthermore, Japan is one of the biggest markets of the Pixel series as seen during its previous handset launch and its custom advertising.

Prior to the launch of Google’s first smartphone equipped with genuine chips, we have prepared “genuine chips” that allow you to experience its appeal as soon as possible.

Moreover, the “Google Original Chips” has a packet design that follows the same pattern if the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro back pannels. The company is proving the potato chips in “Googley Salty Flavor” with five packet designs.


Google is providing the chips in a limited edition of only 10,000 bags. The claim for these was done via an online form provided by the company, but sadly all the chip bags have been claimed. The owners of this limited edition Pixel 6 potato chips also had the option to get their names printed at the bottom-right corner of the bag.

A genuine chip manufactured entirely in-house for the new Google Pixel 6.

Flying chips that let you enjoy its charm quickly.

Made by 100% Google, it has a crispy finish. You should definitely enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made Hokuhoku


There was also an amusing promotional video on the “Google Original Chips” to be enjoyed by all who didn’t get to try the chips themselves.

via: 9to5Google

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