Here is the new look of the Assistant Weather widget.

Google is finally changing the Weather Widget with the upcoming Android 12. For years, the widget hasn’t been updated from its current look, but things are now changing. From an APK teardown, XDA developers have found that this thing is changing from the current Beta update.

As of now, the new design isn’t made available to anyone. But the APK teardown does tell a different story. The string.xml in Android App holds all the strings variables that can be changed, as Android doesn’t allow hard-coded strings at all.

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_config_dialog_enable_btn">Get Started</string>

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_config_dialog_exit_btn">No Thanks</string>

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_config_dialog_location_rationale">"Please grant the location permission \"Allow all the time\" for accurate weather info.

App info > App permission > Location permission to \"Allow all the time\""</string>

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_config_dialog_title">Location Permission Required</string>

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_no_location_permission_text">Location Permission Required</string>

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_offline_text">"You're offline. Check your connection."</string>

<string name="assistant_weather_widget_oops_text">Oops, something went wrong</string>

You may have a look at how the new widget looks in the Android 12 update.

You can see that the new Widget takes that Material You look that Android 12 has introduced. More changes are yet to be seen with the upcoming Android 12 update.

Source: XDA

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