Nomad Base Station Mini

Nomad Base Station Mini in for review, unboxing is here.


Nomad Base Station Mini wireless charging station is here, and we have the unboxing and the first look for you. This new wireless charging station is made with Pixel 5a in consideration, as well as the upcoming Pixel 6. Plus, you can use it with the new Magsafe based iPhones for charging. Well, practically for almost all Wireless Charging phones.

Let’s see what @lennybons found inside the box.

Nomad Base Station Mini- meant for those wireless charger using nerds!

Qi chargers are nothing new. Since their introduction from the past few years, the Qi chargers do make some sense, especially when you are on the run and have to pick up the phone and get tangled with the charging cord.

The Nomad Base Station Mini reduces this mess for all of you. Inside the box, you get a Nomad Base Station, along with a power cord. And as for the adaptor, it depends on what you use. In case it is a 30W fast charger, expect nearly 15W of wireless charging from the Base Station. Whereas if it’s a 20W charger, you get just 10W out of it. However, more than that isn’t possible, because Nomad has used a 15W coil under that magnet leather cover.

The cable is a Type-C to Type-C, so you need to have an adaptor that utilizes the Type-C port. The charging pad does have its class though. You can see that the rubber pads beneath don’t let the charger move from its place, given how much force @lennybons uses to move it.

You can have a look at the video he recorded down below.

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