Galaxy S22 might come with Snapdragon 898 in India.

A rumor is spreading like a wildfire on the internet that the upcoming Galaxy S22 series will feature Snapdragon 898. Do note, the SD 898 is not yet released or announced by Qualcomm, but is likely to be under development. For a very long time, Indian users are demanding Snapdragon variants instead of Exynos, which might be considered by Samsung this time.

Well, that is what the rumors say.

To be honest, if you dive into the Samsung Members forums, Exynos still heats up after a short duration of usage of the camera. For example, the following user has mentioned one such issue which occurred during his trip with his Galaxy S21 Ultra.


Maybe some background apps might be open causing this issue, however, it is worth noting that this is the quality Samsung brings to the Indian market. And this proves that Exynos is still bad. I don’t know how people find them good after Samsung’s internal shuffle. But this is the truth.

If you think Galaxy S22 might get SD 898, then don’t think.

Well, it’s true. Samsung treats userbase from countries other than the US and China as a third world, giving inferior processors. On the other hand, the countries getting SD SoCs are getting good performance, atleast. And if we think that Samsung going to give SD to countries like India, consider it to be a lie. And with AMD’s rDNA 2 architecture-based GPU for Exynos is not going to make up for the performance difference between Exynos and Snapdragon.

Plus, Galaxy S22 getting Snapdragon might just be a myth. Just like the myth that Samsung listens to the customers.

Source: Sammobile

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