Pixel 5 vs Pixel 5a: What’s the difference?

Pixel 5a is out now in the selected markets. However, the same set of markets also have the Pixel 5 launched before. So what is the difference between both of them? Let’s see.

Pixel 5 vs Pixel 5a: Is A-series better from flagship for less?

First of all, the display. The Pixel 5 comes with a 6-inch OLED display with a high 432 PPI. On the other hand, the display on Pixel 5a comes with a 6.34-inch OLED display with 413PPI. Moreover, in the case of display protection, the 5 gets Gorilla Glass 6 whereas the 5a got Gorilla Glass 3. Plus if you notice, the punch-hole is smaller in the case of Pixel 5a. The Pixel 5 comes with a 90Hz refresh rate in comparison to the new A-series device.

Pixel Display comparison. Left – Pixel 5, Right – Pixel 5a

A major feature change comes in the form of network support. The old P{ixel 5 comes with 4G along with 4CC. Whereas, the new Pixel 5a supports the 5G Sub-6GHz band. You will also get a slight downgrade to the IP certification as well. The Pixel 5 comes with IP68 whereas the Pixel 5a comes with IP67, which shows what Google has done to cut the corners.

Also, if you are a big fan of the headphone jack, well, the Pixel 5a has it. The earp[iece speaker is present behind the screen in the Pixel 5, so the sound seems to be a bit better on the 5a.

The other major difference lies with wireless charging. Google has omitted the Wireless as well as Reverse Wireless charging on the Pixel 5a. Also, in terms of memory, the Pixel 5a has 6GB RAM whereas the flagship has 8GB of RAM. In terms of battery, we see a huge bump – 4680mAh on 5a in comparison to 4000mAh on 5. Moreover, in terms of cameras, they remain the same.


The Pixel 5 cost you around $699, whereas the $449 price tag of the5a. There is a huge price difference of $250. And what should you choose? Well, it depends on what you want. If you want the headphone jack for using your wired Sony earphones, then get a Pixel 5a, else 5 is good. You want wireless charging – get the 5 instead of 5a. @lennybons has used both of them. Here is a comparison video by him.

Source: Google Store

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