Google: To make custom processors for Chrome OS devices

It has been reported by Nikkei Asia that Google is working on making processors for its Chrome OS-based devices. This has also been reported by three other sources all pointing to the same. It is rumored that the processor will be complete for launch by 2023.

Google chip

Earlier this year, Google had confirmed that its latest Pixel 6 series will house the company’s first in-house chipset during the launch. Furthermore, it has been reported that the company is “ramping up efforts” for the production of the Pixel 6 processor. All this means that the company has planned for more in-house processors for other devices too besides the Pixel 6 Tensor processor. The company has also said its suppliers to expect 50% more production capacity for the Pixel 6 series compared to previous 2019’s devices

It is suspected that the company is inspired by Apple’s custom chipset for its smartphones and computer. It has been known that Apple produced its in-house chipsets for iPhone since 2010’s iPhone 4, along with its first custom process for MacBooks from the previous year.

Moreover, from the various reports, it is believed that Google’s custom Chrome OS processors and its smartphone chipsets might be based on Arm designs. It is also expected that the chipsets currently under development will support machine learning silicon as seen in the Pixel6’s chipset. It has been seen that the presence of a Dedicated ML silicon provides for improvements in various features like faster image processing, improved security, and better voice recognition.

Since we have yet to see any processor or chipset from Google. So we can yet say for sure whether or not Google will be the next to compete with Apple using its custom ChromeOS processor. Unlike google which is relying on Arm, Apple has developed its own CPU and GPU which gives it a considerable advantage.

Until we get more information on Google’s custom processors and chipset we can tell for sure this step by Google is worth it.

via: androidauthority

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