Google Chats: Now has GIF support!

GIF is all around a popular feature used by anyone who knows about it. Now with the departure of Google Hangouts, the company has finally decided to introduce GIF to the Google Chats.

The talks of Google removing Hangouts have been going around ever since the launch of Google Allo and Google Duo in 2016. Currently, the company has been putting efforts to have the Hangout users start using Google Chat. The introduction of GIF support in Google Chat is yet another way to do just that.

Google Chat

Furthermore, it is reported that Chats will is supporting GIFs through the popular platform Tenor. The users can now access this feature in both private and group conversations and shared GIFs more easily. The feature is enabled by default for all users, but the Admin can turn off this feature manually if required. The GIF icon will be provided alongside the emoji icon for easy access.

Google Chat

Even with all these changes the company is bringing to the Google Chart, the Hangout users are yet to fully pleased. Google Chart still hasn’t reached the standers that Hangout had but maybe as time goes on Google will add more features to make it more improved.

Google Chat

For now, though we have GIFs as the latest feature available. The company should start providing the admin setting in the next 15 days to the Workspace admins and end-users from September 15th. So be on the lookout for these setting to bring any wanted changes.


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