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New aptX Lossless audio technology by Qualcomm in making!

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Qualcomm just announced its new aptX Lossless audio technology for the next generation of Bluetooth audio. This technology will take the CD-quality audio over a Bluetooth connection in the wireless earbuds.

Lossless audio technology has been around in many smartphones and computers but doesn’t translate during Bluetooth connections due to a lack of bandwidth.

This limitation is what the new aptX Lossless audio technology by Qualcomm will address. As the vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Technologies, James Chapman puts it, this new technology will “deliver sound the way the artist intended.”

“Lossless audio means mathematically bit-for-bit exact, with no loss of the audio file and up to now the necessary bit rate to deliver this over Bluetooth has not been available.

[W]e’re pleased to announce this new support for CD lossless audio streaming for Bluetooth earbuds and headsets which we plan to make available to customers later this year.”

With this new technology, Qualcomm takes a “systems-level approach”. The company uses the aptX Adaptive with its Bluetooth High-Speed Link technology to detect and scale up when lossless audio is being played.

This will gives users  CD-quality 16-bit 44.1kHz lossless audio experiences from their Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. The technology is also capable of rates above 1Mbit/s which provide a consistent audio experience even in congested RF environments.

As of now, the new aptX Lossless audio technology is still in making and Qualcomm expects the technology to be available later this year.

via - Android Central