New Pixel Stand: 23W fast wireless charging support for Pixel 6!

After many rumors, we finally have some concrete news about the upcoming Google’s New Pixel Stand. Androidpolice confirmed that the device will support 23W fast wireless charging for the forthcoming Pixel 6 series.

According to the reports, it looks like one of the major US carriers is already getting ready with the accessories for the upcoming Pixel 6 series, one of them being the new Pixel Stand.

Pixel Stand

Further, the listing in the system shows the name  “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand” which points towards the 23W fast charging support. Comparing the New Pixel Stand to the original one which came with only 10W charging support, this device is not only faster than the original. It might just be the second-fastest wireless charging in the United States after the OnePlus 50W charger.

via - Androidpolice

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