Samsung and Google’s new Wear OS gives the Apple Watch much-needed competition

Google, Samsung, Wear OS

Samsung today unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. Partnership with Google to create an all-new Wear OS experience and finally introduce a competitor to the Apple Watch.

Before Apple announced the Apple Watch in 2015. Samsung and other Android makers had their vision of a smartwatch future, and none ended up being as successful as the Apple Watch.

Today’s launch marks a new start for Samsung, Google, and all the Android makers who will launch a smartwatch in the coming months and years. The company’s Wear OS brings some inspiration from the Grid View of the Apple Watch.

Samsung bets on a more traditional look of a smartwatch with a rounded design. Although it looks more like a real watch, the company’s Wear OS doesn’t take advantage of a circular screen. When you depend on written things, such as reading notifications and creating messages.

The new Galaxy Watch Series 4 has an ECG app, blood pressure measurement, sleep tracker. And even body composition features that offer measurements like skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, and body fat percentage. While the Galaxy Watch 4 is made of aluminum, the 4 Classic has a stainless steel finish.

Both feature 1.5GB of RAM, IP68, an Exynos W920 Dual-Core processor, and over 40 hours of battery life. The Galaxy Watch 4 also has a fair pricing point, starting with $249 for the regular model and $349 for the Classic one. This is an area where Apple obviously lags behind, but your Apple Watch will likely receive software support for years, unlike Samsung products.