Pixel 5a cases: Hands On

Since its introduction with the Pixel 3a line, Google’s Pixel A line has been a strong competitor for the best affordable phone, and the Pixel 5a has kept that proud tradition. The Pixel 5a is a 5G-equipped camera snapper that costs just $449, demonstrating Google’s excellent skill at building camera software.

Scratches, chips, and other risks can damage your phone’s surface, causing it to appear old and abused well before its time. By providing a barrier between your phone and the danger, a protective case can prevent this from happening. Here are some of the most popular Google Pixel 5a cases currently available.

Link to buy the cases are mentioned below,

Magnetic Leather Case: Buy Now

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Rugged Case with Screen Protector: Buy Now

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Protective Bumper Case: Buy Now

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Thanks to MobileFun.co.uk for sending over the cases, make sure to check them out for some great deals.


If you have not yet, check out our Unboxing and Hands-On video of the Pixel 5A and other videos on our Youtube Channel.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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