Top Screen Recorders For PC Of 2021

You may need to record all you do on the computer’s screen for various purposes, and in the past, it wasn’t so easy. Nowadays, when technologies go forward and give almost unlimited possibilities to users, anyone can get a screen video recorder to do this job successfully and fast.

In this article, we will introduce our top screen recorders for PC with their built-in features that will help any user to create high-quality and professional-looking guides and tutorials without wasting a lot of time. Of course, besides video guides, there are some other reasons to use free screen recording software: for example, it can be a product demonstration, any kind of tech support, or even a video call where you need to share some data with your opponent.

Whether you need just a simple screen recording software or want to get a program with built-in editing tools, our top 5 of the best video recorders online will be helpful!

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  1. OBS Studio. This is a powerful screen video recorder for gamers who need excellent results in recording their games on the PC. The software’s interface isn’t very simple and needs some time to get familiar with, but the result will shift your expectations!


  • Live streaming and recording
  • Many various options to choose from
  • Ideal for gamers


  • No guides and helpful instructions

In fact, OBS combines the functions of a free screen recorder and free video editor. The program allows users to mix between multiple sources and create excellent video recordings. Thanks to YouTube features, anyone can be a broadcaster, but before you start, it’s important to have software to mix all your content. With OBS Studio, you can not only record videos using a webcam and a microphone, but insert some recordings from games, images, capture your screen, and much more interesting functions. The program is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

2. Screen Capture. This is a free video recorder online that allows you to create high-quality recordings saved in popular formats. Capture your screen in just a couple of mouse clicks! You don’t need to install the program on the computer because it works online. It’s easy to use without paying anything, but you have an option to pay $9.95 per month to use Screen Capture without a watermark, or $39.95 per year.


  • Very simple to use
  • Doesn’t require installation on the computer
  • Ideal for newbies who have never captured their screens before


  • No photo editor or video editing tools
  • Free videos are watermarked

It’s quite easy to use Screen Capture with your microphone and webcam. At the very beginning, make sure your webcam and microphone are enabled. Then enable the resources you need to capture. The next step is just to start the video recorder online and save the received recording on your computer. That’s all! The program works for both Windows and Mac computers.

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3. Screencast-O-Matic. This is a browser-based video screen recorder that allows you to make free recordings up to 15 minutes in length. There are many options to edit your clips like recording many videos, zoom clips, trim recordings, adding captions, sharing a link, saving clips on the computer, and choosing from 30 free music tracks to add to the video. A free version allows you to create only watermarked videos, and if you will update to a Deluxe account, it costs about $1.65 per month and also includes extra features like a video editor, and the ability to make captions automatically, and scripted recordings, annotations, and drawings.


  • Simple to use
  • Many options to edit your recordings


  • Only 15-minutes length videos can be created
  • Free videos are watermarked

This program requires installation on your computer (it’s a small web launcher). It’s quite simple to use software to record and save videos. You can capture videos from both Windows and macOS.

4. ShareX. This free screen recording software is a great selection for those people who want to share their screen recordings online. It doesn’t have any watermarks or time limits for making high-quality videos from your screen. The interface isn’t very intuitive, so you will have to spend some time understanding it. It also can be used to capture a GIF of your screen that is an extremely important feature to use for social media and forums.


  • Can capture a GIF or a video file
  • Offers a pile of various options


  • Cannot be used by gamers

This recorder allows you to capture your computer screen following a specific schedule. Unfortunately, it cannot take video recordings or screen grabs from games in full-screen mode. Share X can be used for Windows computers only.

5. Camtasia. This is a video recorder to create professional-looking recordings without wasting time on the PC. It allows recording video and audio from your desktop and capturing your webcam. This software has a built-in video editing tool that allows making amazing effects like intro and outro segments in a few seconds.


  • Offers great editing features to make your recordings look stunning
  • Simple to make recordings
  • Can be used in presentations


  • You need to buy a full version to get access to all features of the program.

The full version of Camtasia costs $249, and you can try a free version before buying. Being a great program for video recordings, Camtasia works with Windows, macOS, and iOS.


6. VEED. This is an online screen recording software that can be added as a chrome extension. It also has built-in video editing features that will allow you to edit, modify, add subtitles, and captions to your recorded videos.


  • Easy to Use
  • Allows users to record screen with different options (Webcam and Screen, Split View, Webcam Only, Screen Only, Audio Only)


  • Limited Free Plan (up to 50 mb)


VEED gives users more options. It is easy to use and a one-stop-shop since it is also a video editing software. It is compatible with computers, mobile phones, and tablets.


Whether you need to record a video conference from your screen, make captures of a game for a forum, or create a recording about types of lotto machines, it’s quite important to use reliable software to do this job perfectly. It’s not so easy to find a good video recorder, but with our review, you can choose a suitable program with all the needed options that will fit your requirements perfectly.

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