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S Pen Fold: Only works for folding Galaxy handsets!

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There has been a new finding on the S Pen Fold edition and its compatibility on various devices.

The very first foldable handset to support the S Pen or any stylus is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. But it has been found that the device is only compatible with two styluses: S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro.

It has been reported that connecting the S Pen Fold edition on a non-foldable handset such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, doesn’t work as expected. The device does detect the stylus, but it only works in eraser mode and doesn’t perform any other functions.

S Pen Fold

Furthermore, The S Pen Pro on the other hand seems to work in both the foldable and non-foldable devices, but it should be noted that the stylus should be switched on the correct mode to connect.

S Pen Fold

So, when it comes to selecting a single stylus for your multiple S-Pen accessible devices including the Galaxy Z Fold3, it is best to choose the S Pen Pro. Although it should be noted the Pro model is larger (it probably won’t fit the S21 Ultra or Z Fold3 cases with an S Pen sheath) and has a Bluetooth function both of which the Fold edition doesn’t have.

via: GSMArena / Twitter

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