You can now control your Android phone with your facial expressions

Android has some of the most useful accessibility tools that help people with disabilities make the most of their devices. Some of these accessibility features can be pretty handy on any phone beyond their primary purpose.

The latest Android 12 beta landed with one feature that’ll let you control your Android phone using different facial expressions. Beta version 12.0.0 of the Android Accessibility Suite included with Android 12 beta 4 contains a new Camera Switches feature. When enabled, it uses the front camera to see if you’re looking at the screen and to recognize facial gestures.

Various facial expressions can trigger actions on your Android phone. For instance, you can open your mouth to bring up the notifications panel or raise your eyebrows to return to the home screen. The actions that you can map to the aforementioned gestures include accessing notifications, scrolling forward, backward, touch & hold, navigating to the home screen, selecting, and more.

You can also customize the size and duration of the face gesture. When in use, you’ll see a constant notification icon telling you that your phone’s camera is in use.

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