Samsung Eco²OLED: First used in Galaxy Z Fold3!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will be featuring lots of first. Along being the first foldable device supporting an advanced stylus, it will also have Eco²OLED.

Eco²OLED is the latest development in the OLED industry. The ” Eco²” stands for “economical” and “ecological”. This latest technology is reported to have 33% higher light transmittance than the conventional method.


Furthermore, The Eco²OLED provides dual advantages. First, the screen can become brighter with less power send to the OLED screen, this allows for reduction of power consumption up to 25% which makes this very economical. Second, it also causes more light to reach the Z Fold3’s Under Panel Camera (UPC) and helps improve image quality drastically.

Along with these the Eco²OLED displays during the production process include few plastic parts, which allows it to be eco-friendly. The reduction of power consumption provides an increase in the battery life and longevity of the device which in return might reduce device consumption.


The conventional OLED screens have a polarizer layer, this decreases the reflection of incoming light and improves visibility of the displayed things. This technology has been used since 2010 introduced by Nokia and dubbed ClearBlack. But the use of a polarizer reduces the screen brightness by 50%.

Samsung found a new innovative idea to get over this obstacle. The company managed to achieve the effect of a polarizer without using a polarizer layer and losing much brightness.


So, moving forward we might see more innovations that are both economical and ecological by Samsung being used in their devices.

via: GSMArena

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