Motorola’s First-gen Foldable Razr Receives Android 11 As Its Last Security Update

Motorola just released Android 11 for Razr. The flagship foldable smartphone is currently powered by the previous Android OS. The Motorola Razr debuted in 2019 as the first-generation of Motorola’s foldable device powered by a much older operating system.

Other smartphones manufacturers have updated their gadget lineup. With high-end technology to sweep customers off their feet, including Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Huawei, Samsung, and Apple. Smartphone brands such as Nokia and Motorola. Are still attempting to revive their nostalgic gadgets with newly tweaked experiences.

Google’s custom Pixel smartphones represent beta devices to test newly developed operating systems. Google rolled out Android 11 OS alongside its Pixel smartphones, Motorola also released the Reboot version for Razr foldable lineup. Alongside Motorola Razr 5G with the current Android OS.

Razr received Android 10 as its first security update in 2020. Now, this Android 11 update for Razr ends the OEM manufacturer’s promises to look out for its product.

Motorola’s foldable lineup is expected to fade away soon as Android 12 rolls out. Supposedly in September 2021. Still, Razr foldable successors including Razr 5G and Razr Reboot are likely to maintain relevance in the future.

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