Twitter Totally Changed Its Font, And It’ll Make You Do A Double-Take


Twitter recently got a makeover, and you might have noticed something looks pretty different as you scroll. As you look closer at the tweets, you’ll probably notice a change in the font. And you are correct.

If you’re wondering what font Twitter uses, Twitter introduced a new font called Chirp its first-ever proprietary typeface. Along with other updates to its design, and it’s taking people some time to get used to it.

The new font is the first to be created by the company, for a four-month experiment in 2014. And it came about with help from Swiss company Grilli Type Foundry. Chirp is a blend of American Gothic and European Grotesque styles. It features a clean look, but there are also some slightly jagged edges to specific letters.

Although the company cited the refresh feature, among other tweaks to its visual appeal. As something that might feel weird at first but ultimately make your scroll more engaging. You might be wondering if you’ll be able to switch it back to the old font. There’s no way to revert to the font you were used to.