5 Qualities to Look For In a New Warehouse Management System


A warehouse is the cornerstone of every manufacturing firm. It is the central zone where the goods are collected, preserved, and distributed to process further.

Right from handling warehouse operations to assembling orders to directing every step, the warehouse management system plays a critical role in recording and monitoring inventory movement.

Warehouse management system functions as a pre-requisite of the supply chain management for catering to the unique consumer demands in the various distribution channels. Let’s take a look at the 5 important qualities that you should search for in your prospective warehouse management system:

1. Paperless processing of transfer from one warehouse to other

Paper-based transfers are cumbersome and unwantedly wasteful. A reputed warehouse management system like Netsuite Implementation rules out unnecessary paper processing by bringing home easily accessible features for easy transfer of goods between warehouses.

In case, the first warehouse calls for a large variety of goods from another warehouse which is located nearby, the transfer of these goods from one warehouse to the other should take place without unnecessary paper works.

You may have to mention the item code, bin code, and other details for processing it in a few minutes. You may receive a confirmation message with the transaction details through the mobile-friendly app. This will not only save time and energy but also allow easy tracking of goods.

2. Reduced costs through optimization of resources

At times, it becomes difficult to keep a track of which inventory has been gathered on which date. Sometimes, the management of the company finds it impossible to track and view both organic and inorganic resources including both man and material. Over time, these factors pose as great hindrances in the productivity of the business and also lead to undesired errors.

When you have an expert warehouse management system, all the necessary tasks are done on time without any errors or procrastination. It is a powerful solution that allows business owners to plan, monitor, and streamline everything from picking to packing and also dispatching.

3. Seamless integration with enterprise resource planning

When the data in the warehouse management system is integrated with the company’s enterprise resource planning, it speeds up the procedures and facilitates precision through real-time data tracking. Through this, you can make sure that the entire information is accessible through one platform and is well in sync with other crucial departments as well.

You must ensure that the staff members are kept in the loop so that they can have a clear picture of the supply chain. But in order to facilitate this, the warehouse management system should integrate the enterprise resource planning with a warehouse management system.

4. Incorporation of mobile application

The world is driven by technology and employees today, have to travel overseas and work in flexible shifts. They require fast access to important data in the meetings, warehouse, and conferences.

An adept warehouse management system similar to Netsuite Implementation will surely feature a smartphone-friendly international for easy access from any point in the world. As a result, management professionals can effortlessly maneuver their authorities, view all the list of in-bound and out-bound orders for tracking inventory on the go.

5. Tracking the flow of inventory

Collecting and dispatching goods are not only tedious but also highly perplexing tasks that require ample planning and direction. Goods that are received with respect to production, purchase, and delivery receipts speak a lot about the stature of the warehouse.

It is thus important for a business to properly maintain the records along with the list of goods so that the concerned departments can process the data.

When settling for a new warehouse management system, you should check whether you can scan and print barcodes on various goods and define the various details of the tracked goods.


Besides these important qualities, the warehouse management system should have staff with high organizational skills, safety mindedness, precision, and leadership qualities to sail you through testing times.

They should be able to value integrity and offers assistance if you need any. After all, there is no point in incorporating all these essential features when the employees of the system are not able to handle the multifaceted role.

If you are looking for such a reliable warehouse management system, you should consider efficient and productive firms like Netsuite Implementation.