Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming is now widely available on iOS and PC


Microsoft’s xCloud, the cloud game streaming component of Xbox Game Pass is rolling out fully to iOS devices. Including iPhones and iPads, as well as PCs and macOS computers via the web. It’s been in an invite-only beta period since mid-April 2021, but Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now access games right from their devices.

Microsoft says that on PCs, xCloud can be accessed through the Edge browser and Google Chrome. More than 100 games are available, and the service is compatible with Bluetooth controllers or ones connected via USB. Microsoft put its “Designed for Xbox” badge on one of the best mobile gaming accessories around.

This new version is physically identical to the preexisting model. That has been available since late 2020 because it’s technically the same. It comes with a complimentary three-month trial to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Which usually costs $45 on its own. It’s available through the Microsoft Store and Backbone’s website.

Backbone has recently updated its app with some deep Xbox integration. Like tagging gameplay that you’ve recorded through xCloud. You can edit footage within the app and upload it as a link.