This might be the best Rugged Leather Case for AirPods at $9.95

AirPods are one of the most used wireless earbuds available in the market but are prone to scratches and dirt because of their glossy finish. While cases add the protection that AirPods need, they take away the look from them. Nomad has got you covered for this with their Active Leather Rugged Case

Active rugged case airpods wireless mocha

The case is available for both the AirPods 2nd Generation and the AirPods Pro. The 2nd Generation cases are now available for just $9.95 after a flat 70% discount on their original price of $34.95. 

You’ll recognize the materials in Nomad’s Rugged Case for AirPods if you’re familiar with their iPhone cases, which we’ve previously discussed. The body is built of a rubberized thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Leather from the Chicago-based Horween tannery is wrapped around it.

Unlike other cases on the market, Nomad’s shell is a two-piece design, with a small-cap and a wider chunk for the bottom. We were initially concerned about how well the top would remain on as we continually removed the AirPods from our pockets, but this proved to be a non-issue as we used them.

This leather’s natural water-resistant characteristics are enhanced by a specific tanning procedure. This improves the leather’s resilience, making it more resistant to scratches and scuffs, and guaranteeing that your case keeps its appeal over time.
The Nomad Active Rugged Case for Apple AirPods is a wonderful addition to the Nomad product line. It uses a variety of elements to appeal to the adventurer rather than the day player. I admire Nomad’s commitment to innovation and the creation of items that can be used by anyone, regardless of their lifestyle. The minimal look is what Nomad has promised its customers to provide and has not failed with this as well.
You can also check out their other products and we have also reviewed the Nomad Wireless Charging Stand and Pixel Cases on Youtube which is linked below. They have also launched a MagSafe Stand which makes it easier to mount your phone and watch videos while charging.

Sriyansa Mohanty
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