4 new security cam

4 new security cams announced by Nest!

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Google’s Nest brand just launched 4 new security cams for the year. These 4 smart security devices include –  an indoor/outdoor security camera, an outdoor cam with floodlights, an indoor-only cam, and a wireless doorbell cam.

Nest Doorbell

Nest Doorbell is basically a smart doorbell with a camera. The camera on this device has a resolution of 1,280 x 960 at up to 30fps. In addition, it also has a dark mode along with one hour of recording storage in absence of power or internet.

In the wireless mode, the Nest Doorbell chimes any Google-powered smart speaker and/or smart display it is connected to. Meanwhile, the wired mode will use the pre-built chime system with a live feed on a smart display.

The battery on this device can go up to six months and the conservative estimation being one-two months. The Nest DoorBell will be available in one color, Snow for the Global market. Meanwhile, for the US, this device will have three color variants: Linen, Ivy, and Ash.

The Nest Doorbell is set at the price point of $179.99 which will be available for purchase starting the 24th of August.

Nest Cam (indoor/outdoor)

Nest Cam battery outdoor rain

The Nest Cam (indoor/outdoor) is a weatherproof security camera that can work both wireless as well as with cable. The camera records in 1080p resolution and starts recording in on movement triggers. The device is capable of recording footage up to an hour without internet or power.

The Nest Cam is early to move around, indoors or outdoor, due to its wireless nature. It comes it only one color option and comes wireless out-of-the-box. It is set at the price point of $179.99 and will be available for purchase starting from the 24th of August. Weather-proof cables will be sold separately for the device.

Nest Cam with floodlights

Nest Cam with floodlight night close

As the name suggests, this device includes the Nest Cam along with Floodlights. The floodlights are smart lights that respond to events rather than motion. What this essentially means is that the lights will turn on when the camera spots a person or vehicle rather than t movement made by outdoor animals. So you might just save some money on electricity when compared to motion sensor lights

The Nest Cam remains similar to as discussed above, with the exception that this cant operate wirelessly. So some professional installation will be required with this device.

The Nest Cam with Floodlights is set at the price point of $279.99 which will soon be available for purchase.

Nest Cam (indoor)

Nest Cam wired snow

This device is the most basic security device in the lineup. The Nest Cam (indoor) doesn’t come with any weather-proofing feature or the fancy wireless feature. The device works in wired mode only and its main focus is on indoor security only.  The camera records in 1080p resolution in HDR quality.

The Nest Cam (indoor) comes in four color variants – Snow, Sand, Linen, and Fog.  The device is set at the price point of $99.99 which will soon be available for purchase.

Subscription update

Along with the launch of the 4 new security cams, Google has also updated its Nest Aware paid subscription. With these new devices, features such as intelligent alerts (when a person comes into view, for example), three hours of event recordings in the cloud, and the ability to create custom activity zones are now free.

The Nest Aware Plus subscription will now provide  60 days of event recording and Familiar Face Detection. This will cost $12 a month or $120 a year.

Meanwhile, the Nest Aware subscription is a comparatively cheaper option which costs $6 a month or $60 a year. This plan will provide 30 days of event video history and Familiar Face Detection.

And to top it all, Google made a separate app to handle these 4 new security cams called the Home app which makes the operation for these smart security devices soo much easier.

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