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Pixel 6 series: Comes with all new “Live Translate”!

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Looks like Google is going all out with the teasers for its upcoming Pixel 6 series. Apart from the completely new chipset, camera step, and hardware, this series also packs in some strikingly new features, the most highlighted one being the “Live Translate”.

The “Live Translate” takes the existing transcription feature on Pixel handsets to a whole new level. As reported by The Washington Post, this feature will “generate live, translated captions when you are watching — or listening to — content in another language.”

After a hands-on experience of the feature, Dieter Bohn from The Verge  reports that “the Pixel’s on-device auto-caption feature appeared to be a little faster and more accurate — and was even able to translate from French to English in real-time from a playing video.”

In addition, what’s more, amazing about the “Live Translate” is that this feature will be able to operate without using the internet connection. “Live Translate” utilizes the built-in chipset, Tensor to handle these translations locally. The Tensor chip will also run “data-center quality models”  for this feature.

pixel 6 series Tensor chip

Apart from the “Live Translate” feature, the Tensor chipsets in the Pixel 6 series facilitate other features too. Some of these include the computational photography models, more layers of hardware security as well as the AI capabilities of the series.

As announced by Google, the Pixel 6 series is set to launch this fall, which is expected to be around mid-October. While that is a long time to wait, we are sure Google will keep us on the edge with its new teasers.

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