Xbox Game Pass coming to Android TV soon.

If you are into the Xbox ecosystem and want to play Xbox games by any means, you know you can buy a subscription on Android and iOS. However, Android is available almost everywhere – from phones to TV. But you cannot play Xbox games on Android TV. This is going to change, however.

A redditor has found the evidence from a simple teardown that you can see the splash screen that is made for Android TV specifically. In the case of Android TV, any app optimized for the platform needs to have a banner kind of image. Whereas the normal apps won’t need such.

The second evidence comes from 9to5Google, where folks have sideloaded the app on an Android TV, get to see the banner we are talking about. As of now, the app isn’t available on the Play Store of Android TV and has a choppy experience, but let’s see how Microsoft makes its way to Android TV from scratch.

Xbox Game Pass is a service that allows you to play games on the cloud with a single service cost. You might need to have specific hardware to play games such as an Xbox controller (?) and high-speed internet for proper framerates.

Source: Android Authority

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