Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd gen now supports Zoom video calls

Alexa, Amazon

Amazon brought two-way video calls to its Fire TV platform last year. At a time when it became clear that video meetings and calls will be the primary way, people connect for work and social gatherings.

That support, however, was limited to a Fire TV Cube calling any other Alexa device that has a camera. Amazon is opening its doors to the platform that has become the household name in video meetings.

A software update to the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube brings Zoom to the Fire TV platform. You’ll need more than just the device and a connected TV to actually use Zoom since the box doesn’t have its own camera. Amazon doesn’t mention anything about TVs that have built-in webcams. You might need a Micro USB to USB adapter, depending on what the webcam uses.

Once everything is connected, and the Zoom app is installed. A simple “Alexa, join my meeting” command will get things started. Optionally, you can link your calendar to Alexa. So that the same command will list the meetings you might have on your calendar for that day.