Privacy Label Timeline

First Look At Google’s App Privacy Labels on the Play Store

Android, Google

Ever since Apple introduced Privacy Labels on the App Store, there has been a lot of clarity on which permissions an app would ask for and what kind of hardware it could access, like your camera or microphone.

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Google also stated that they would be introducing something similar for the Play Store. Today, the company is introducing app privacy labels for developers to take a look at. The blog post shows off how these labels will look like and how developers can tell users what kind of data is being collected from them, whether or not it is encrypted and how can it be deleted.

Developers can add details like whether the permissions that are requested can be disabled or not, and whether an app can still function without them. Google also notes that the current design is subject to change but this is what they have got so far.

“Ultimately, all Google Play store apps will be required to share information in the safety section. We want to give developers plenty of time to adapt to these changes, so we’re sharing more information about the data type definitions, user journey, and policy requirements of this new feature.”

App developers can start making their apps comply with the new labels starting October later this year. The cutoff date for all apps is April 2022 when it will be mandatory to take part in this program.