YouTube Features You Didn’t Know Existed – Top 8 Functionalities


According to official stats, more than 2.2 billion authorized users visit YouTube every month and watch billions of videos every day. No matter how often people visit the site and how many videos they watch on a regular basis, many viewers do not use all the features of video hosting simply because they do not know about their existence. For example, YouTube has a convenient rewind function, it is possible to access a video transcript or enable a night theme/ TV mode for watching videos. To ensure that you use the platform at the max, we have made a review of the most useful functions of YouTube that you may not know about.

#1 – Play Video in the Background on Your Mobile

Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow you to listen to videos on any gadget in the background. But such a function is useful when you are listening to YouTube Music or want to run two different applications at the same time.


For Android devices, you need to do the following:


  1. Go to YouTube via Google Chrome, find the desired video, and play it;
  2. Open the browser settings and pick the “Full version” option;
  3. Once you do that, the site restarts in the desktop version. In case it takes a long time to start, you just need to need to press “Play” to speed up the process;
  4. Congratulations, you have set up YouTube to play videos in the background.


To do the same for iOS devices, follow the below recommendations:


  1. Download Dolphin or Safari browser;
  2. Go to YouTube and open the video you want to play;
  3. Press the “Home” button and change the system settings in the operating system control center;
  4. By picking the corresponding option, you can set the video to play in the background.


In both cases, you will need to spend no more than 10 minutes configuring the system so that video content is displayed in the most comfortable way for you. As an alternative solution, you can employ Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google) to watch video while using another app. There is even picture-in-picture for iPhones that works well on all Apple smartphones.

#2 – Easy Video Rewind on Your Mobile

Did you know that you can rewind videos on any gadgets not only by dragging the playback slider but also by double-tapping on the screen? Tap on the left or right side of the screen several times to rewind the video for 10-20-30 seconds or more. To be honest, this is a great feature that many users had no idea about.

#3 – Video Transcript

Did you know that YouTube automatically creates a transcript for every video being uploaded to the platform? It may sometimes happen that you need to copy a quote from a video but have no time to manually type text yourself. This is where the transcript thingy comes in handy. To view the transcript, click on the three dots icon located on the right below the video and pick the “watch video transcript” option. As a result, you will see a full transcript, which can be easily copied in a couple of clicks.

#4 – Slow Down or Speed up the Video

Are you watching a sports recording and want to slow down the action? Is the video too slow, and do you want to reduce the time watching it? The feature for changing video speed is now available on the YouTube mobile app. To activate it, you just need to tap the screen once, press the three-button icon in the upper right corner, select “playback speed,” and choose the target option there. By the way, it is also possible to adjust the video playback speed in the desktop version of YouTube by clicking on the gear icon and selecting the desired speed.

#5 – Enable Night Mode

The bright YouTube interface can sometimes cause inconvenience, especially when you watch videos in a dark room at night. On the desktop version, you can easily switch the YouTube light theme to night mode. To activate the changes, just click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and pick the “night mode” option. To provide more control over how you see your videos, the YouTube app also offers new resolution options allowing you to prioritize image quality to the best possible option.

#6 – Convert a Video to a GIF

If you want to make a GIF from a video, it is possible to do so in a couple of clicks. For that, you just need to add the word “gif” right before the word “youtube” to the URL in the browser address bar. As a result, you will be transferred to the GIF Maker, where you can alter the target parameters of the future gif. Thus, you can set the duration of the gif, crop the image, add text, and many more.

#7 – Share a Link to a Specific Video Fragment

If you want to share a video with your friends and make sure that they watch a particular moment, it is possible to do so on YouTube. For that, hit the “share” button, check the “start” box, and specify the desired time code. You can also do so by stopping the video at the time you need and clicking “share.” The time will be indicated automatically and reflected in the URL that you are going to send.

#8 – Save Video to Play It Later

If, while browsing YouTube, you come across an interesting video that you have no time to play just now, you can always save it for later. So how to download a video from YouTube? To do this, click the “save” button under the desired video and check the box next to “watch later.” So when you decide to play the saved video, you will find it on the main page in the sidebar on the left. As an alternative solution, you can make use of the YouTube video downloader for PC and download any video to your personal computer with ease.

Become a Pro YouTube User

The above features will make your experience of using YouTube as smooth and pleasant as possible. Developers of the video hosting keep adding new functions to the platform; we will keep our radar on them so that you do not miss out on a single powerful functionality.