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Five Tips To Ensure That Your Phone’s Battery Lasts Longer

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Today, smartphones are more multi-functional and cleverer than ever before. You can use them to play games, check images, chat and communicate with our loved ones, browse the internet, and find our way around with millions of mobile application. Would we not love and appreciate them a lot more if the juice stayed longer and we did not run out of battery from morning to night? Well, this is something that all of us love. But how do we make it happen? Well, we have some tips and tricks that can make it easier for you to ensure that your phone’s battery lasts longer. However, before we get to that, there is a small disclaimer that we would like to give. There is a particular life of a battery. After a point in time, all phones tend to drain faster. In that case, these tips may not work best. However, if anything unnatural is causing the phone’s battery to drain, then the tips below may help. Let us get started and address these tips one by one.


Do not leave your phone on an overnight charge.


Initially, I used to put my phone on an overnight charge, and I realized it started affecting my phone’s battery life. I am sure many of you may be making the same mistake. Still, it can have a serious implication on the overall health of the phone’s battery,’ comments Robert, an online educator who offers do my java assignment services. 


Well, what Robert just stated is, in fact, true. When we leave our phone plugged in for an overnight charge, the battery’s health indeed suffers. See, it only takes 3-4 hours for the battery to reach 100%. Once it is charged fully, the battery will start diminishing in reverse. In the short term, this may not be noticeable, but over the years, or maybe in a span of a few months, you will see how severely affected your phone’s battery life is.


Now, the big question is, how much should you charge your phone. If you wish to ensure that your phone’s battery stays in excellent condition through the phone’s duration, then you should charge your phone between 40-80 percent. The idea is to charge little, but often. Also, you can switch off your phone while sleeping. This will give it a good jolt before you head for work. Also, do not let your phone’s battery run critically low. If you are heading out at night, juice it up adequately.


Lastly, experts suggest that you charge your battery every once a month from zero to a hundred percent. It will reset your phone and help it run faster.


Turn off the phone’s location services.


When not in use, ensure that the location settings of your phone are turned off. Certain apps use location, such as Google Maps, Pokemon Go, or Uber, which can have a draining impact on your battery life. If you are not using these apps at the present moment, it is advised to turn off the location settings. Typically, anything that utilizes GPS navigation will drain the battery. So, when not in use, please turn it off.


Do not use the phone while it is on charge.


‘Often, people have a habit of using the phone while it is on charge. This can have a severe impact on battery life. The problem is when you use the phone while it is on a charge, it extracts the power directly from the charger, and this can lower the amount of power entering the battery,’ comments Yasir, an online educator who works with a platform where you can buy university coursework.


Most phones in the market today are packed with giant batteries, such as the Techno Pouvoir series has a 6000 mAh battery in it. Generally speaking, too, most phones have a 5000 mAh battery. So, take time to charge the battery, and do not use it while on charge.


Turn down the brightness.


‘Anytime I am trying to make my phone’s battery last longer, I immediately lower the screen brightness,’ comments Joe, an online statistics homework solver.


Well, we agree with Joe on this. Turning down the screen brightness is surely one of the simplest ways to reduce battery consumption and make the battery last longer. Multiple studies have been conducted to assess if lowering the brightness level made the phone last longer, and the results have always been positive. So, if you are still not making the most of this most straightforward trick, it is time you start now. You can also keep the phone’s Auto-Brightness turned on. This setting will ensure that the brightness is automatically dimmed when your phone is in a dark environment.


Delete some application


All phones come with finite storage and memory. Thus, it is pivotal to ensure that our phones only have the apps you use regularly. Therefore, your phone should have almost negligible unused applications. When you regularly delete the apps you do not use, it will ensure that your phone is neither overcrowded nor any unnecessary apps running in the background. The problem with these unused apps is that they utilize the precious resources of your phone and make your phone feel slower. In the long run, it also has a negative impact on your phone’s battery life.


Now and then, you can browse through the app drawer. Alternatively, you can even scroll through the apps on the home screen and get rid of all apps that you do not use. In iPhones, deleting applications is quite easy. All you have to do is long-press on the app that you want to delete, and when it begins to wiggle, you can press the X option on the app that you want to delete.


Android users have greater options but typically follow the same approach. You can long-press on the app and click on the “i” option to see the information related to the app. Therein you can click on the Uninstall option. You must regularly delete some apps from your phone to ensure that your phone’s battery lasts longer.


So, these are the five most important tips to ensure that your phone’s battery life lasts longer.