Google changed the backup system for Android and we didn’t knew!

Behind the scene, Google is constantly working on Android for improving its services for the end-users. This time, they switched from the normal backup method to Backup by Google One. This was first introduced by Google, but never caught on air, and now, Google is swapping this service with the old backup system for Android.

You have no part to do here. Google is doing it on their end. The only change that you will get to see is the Backup renamed Backup by Google One. With that changes, we can select things like SMS and MMS to get backed up on the servers. This will come in handy as most of the services needed a different app to backup, and now this has changed things significantly.

The list includes phone call history, SMS, MMS, videos, app data, device preferences, system settings, and many other kinds of stuff.

Rest assured, you will need not be a Google One subscriber for getting the feature. Instead, this will be all built into the system right away, and you will never notice it. Just you have to make sure that the backup size doesn’t exceed the free storage space on Google Drive.

Source: Android Central

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